Redlund Equipment

During, REDLUND EQUIPMENT’S first year of business the company dug into three areas of the industry they felt could be improved upon.

First, the company focused on customer relationships, not just transactional relationships. They strived to get to know their customers on a friendship level, personally taking the time to understand their operation, and equipment needs. Redlund worked hard to not only be a partner but a friend. In doing so, Redlund sincerely supports its operation AND their families.

Second, Redlund has spent countless hours researching, testing, and working to find the best equipment for Colorado’s agricultural needs. It started by offering the Fendt line. Fendt is an industry leader in innovation, efficiency, reliability and overall usability. The Fendt cab stands out as being incredibly spacious, comfortable, smooth, and user-friendly. Not to mention, Fendt owners see a quick ROI when they calculate their fuel and service costs.

Next, the company added Lemken, Staheli West Steamers, and Darf rakes among many others to their product line. Redlund prides itself in only offering the best and standing behind their product line 100 percent.

Lastly, Redlund focuses on community and the culture of their company. The company started from the ground up, bringing in industry leaders, who share a common vision. Their main goal with employees is for them to not only like their job, but to love and enjoy working each day at Redlund. They constantly reevaluate their company to ensure it is a great place to work. Their team knows and loves their customers, put equipment uptime as their main goal, and ensures that it all works together to make agriculture run in a smooth and efficient way.

Redlund Equipment

1717 2nd Ave., Greeley, CO

18989 U.S. 6, Sterling, CO

507 E 8th Ave., Yuma, CO

7265 U.S. Hwy. 50, Lamar, CO

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