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PT HOSE AND BEARING in Greeley prides itself on its extensive inventory of industrial supplies to keep manufacturers, large- and small-scale farms and heavy equipment operating.

“Our goal is to have inventory on a level our competitors may lack,” said Blake Hinchley, regional manager of PT Hose and Bearing in Greeley, adding that orders can be placed if items aren’t immediately available. “We strive to have product on the shelf to satisfy the customer’s requirements on-the-spot.”

The industrial parts retailer opened in Greeley in 2017 and in Fort Collins in 2020. There also are locations in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Gering, Neb. Each of the locations has an inventory of nearly 40,000 items in roughly 10,000-squarefoot warehouses.

A family-owned operation, PT Hose and Bearing carries an array of industrial parts, including water pumps, hydraulic and industrial hoses, conveyor belts, electric motors, speed reducers, roller chains (and sprockets), gearboxes, bearings, valves, seals, and truck and safety supplies. The retailer welcomes the general public, caters to original equipment operators (OEMs), and serves several industries including construction, agriculture, and oil and gas.

PT Hose and Bearing also offers assembly of hydraulic and industrial hoses on site via a mobile hose truck. All hoses are custom in length and matched to each individual application from tractors to excavators.

“We can go on-site and do it for you,” Hinchley said. “It’s as easy as food delivery. It’s a convenience we are happy to provide.”

PT Hose and Bearing sets itself apart with its inventory, knowledgeable employees and unmatched customer service.

“We have a unique ability when it comes to helping customers in their time of need,” Hinchley said.

PT Hose and Bearing operates 24/7 with phones that roll over after hours.

The business is tailored to all phases of the agricultural cycle from planting to harvest, helping big and small farming operations as well as dairies.

“We go back to customer service and keeping those guys going year-round. We’re able to help them maintain the equipment they need to keep their operations running smoothly,” Hinchley said.

PT Hose and Bearing is locally owned by two families with the principals being Jamey Fifield and Trent Keller. “We’re not a big corporation. We use that to our advantage. We stock and staff our stores to provide optimal value to our customers,” Hinchley said.

PT Hose and Bearing

1543 1st Ave, Greeley, CO

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