Longmont Dairy Farm

Longmont Dairy

LONGMONT DAIRY FARM not only brings fresh milk to the doorstep but also provides much of the perishable grocery list for its customers.

“By delivering these items, it helps customers have their staples on a regular basis, so they don’t have to go to the grocery store,” said Katie Copeland, co-owner of Longmont Dairy Farm with her brother, Dan Boyd.

Copeland and Boyd are third-generation owners of Longmont Dairy Farm, a home-delivery company founded in 1965 that serves the Front Range and parts of the Denver metro area.

The milk comes fresh from the 500 cows on the farm and is delivered overnight, so that customers get their milk within roughly 48 hours. The cows are fed locally-grown, high-quality feed that doesn’t have any supplemental rBST growth hormone. Their milk is bottled at the local dairy in glass bottles, giving it a fresh, old-fashioned taste. The bottles are turned in, sanitized, and reused, so that empty containers don’t have to be thrown into the trash.

“Our customers tell us milk tastes better in glass bottles,” Copeland said.

The farm makes a long list of other products that includes whipping cream, orange juice, and flavored milks such as chocolate, strawberry, and orange cream, as well as brewed tea and cold brew coffee through a partnership with Silver Canyon Coffee out of Boulder. The farm has additional partnerships with local vendors to deliver items like bread, eggs, yogurt, bagels, meal kits, and cookie dough.

“With declining milk consumption, we started adding more and more products,” Copeland said. “We’re trying to be innovative and continue to grow to provide customers with more options if we’re going to be stopping at their doorstep anyway.”

Longmont Dairy Delivery

Longmont Dairy Farm
P.O. Box 998, Longmont, CO

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