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As Greeley-based equipment dealership 4RIVERS EQUIPMENT expanded operations outside of Colorado, its old name no longer was a fit.

The company had grown into three other states with major rivers crucial to the agricultural communities it serves— the Rio Grande, the Platte and the Arkansas, plus the Colorado River in its home state.

“After careful thought, the name 4Rivers Equipment became our new name,” as stated on the website.

The company, which has been serving Colorado farmers with John Deere equipment since 1926, started out as Colorado Equipment, then became Colorado Machinery. The company expanded from a local distributor of agricultural equipment to a regional distributor in Wyoming, New Mexico and Texas with 30 locations—two are in Greeley, one is in Fort Collins and one in Longmont.

With that growth came more product lines and more industries, though 4Rivers’ core product line remained John Deere, a Moline, Ill.-based manufacturer of agricultural and other types of machinery. The company distributes more than 200 products for John Deere, alongside equipment and machinery for the farm and agriculture, compact and general construction, home and ranch, forestry, road building and commercial mowing industries. The company’s core specialties though remained construction and agriculture products.

“4Rivers Equipment was built on the principle that partnership is the key to offering superior products and services to the regions that they operate within,” said Hunter Barlow, marketing coordinator for 4Rivers Equipment in Greeley. “The combination of their experience, culture and focus on customer service has resulted in 4Rivers Equipment becoming one of the most widely respected John Deere dealers in the country. The steady growth in sales, rentals, parts and service is a direct reflection of the loyalty of the customers they cater to.”

The company operates according to its four values, those of integrity; respect for customers, employees and manufacturers; commitment to being the best working partner for customers and as the employer of choice; and innovation by employing innovative ideas that benefit customers and employees.

“4Rivers has a few core beliefs that help define its culture,” Hunter said. “First, customers are taken care of during the sales process and, more importantly, after the sale. Parts and service support are bedrock principles.”

The company also invests millions of dollars in training, tooling and its parts inventory to keep each community it serves as a focal point.

“Perhaps the most critical key to 4Rivers’ success is that they give each location’s management team the ability and authority to make the best decision at the local level,” Hunter said. “They trust that nobody knows the areas they serve better than the citizens that live in it, and they want to live in and learn from those communities.”

The company sees itself as a working partner with each of its customers.

“Committed to being your working partner, we work to support you with integrity and respect. Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions for your home, farm or business,” as stated on the website.

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